GratiTuesday – May 28th

Hello Yoga-Friends ~ Happy GratiTuesday! Yesterday was Memorial Day, a national holiday here in the United States instituted for remembering and honoring the men and women who died while serving in the military. There are many ways to do this. To honor another’s service is to appreciate that service; or in this case, to honor their sacrifice we remember them in reverent gratitude through prayer, celebration, or through our own service. For myself, I am deeply honored to serve those who served through volunteer-teaching in the yoga program at the Bedford Massachusetts VA Hospital. If expressing gratitude to those who served through volunteering calls to you, please consider learning more about volunteer programs at your local Veterans Administration:

As always, each Tuesday we invite one another to express one thing – in the comments field – for which you are grateful, and/or Share that sentiment as a post on your favorite social media site. It needn’t be lofty and can certainly reflect something we usually take for granted. I’ll go first… I AM so happy and grateful to serve those who served. Now your turn. I AM so happy and grateful now that/for: __________________________________ #laurelblossomyoga #omofficeyoga #omintheoffice #corporateyoga #corporatewellness #yoga #privateyoga #reiki #yogateaandchocolateworkshops #meditation #om #gratitude #gratituesday #memorialday #veterans #service #volunteer

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