GratiTuesday – March 5th

Hello Yogi-Friends ~ Another GratiTuesday! Gratitude shmatitude… is a book! A “how to” book. Gratitude Shmatitude: Don’t Just Think It Do It by Amy M Adams, published by CreateSpace Publishing. This book is described as a practical guide, with stories to inspire thoughts about gratitude, and suggestions for actively exploring its practice in your life. Find it at your local bookseller, or preview online: As always, each Tuesday we invite one another to express one thing – in the comments field – for which you are grateful, and/or Share that sentiment as a post on your favorite social media site. It needn’t be lofty and can certainly reflect something we usually take for granted. I’ll go first… I AM so happy and grateful for simple offerings from friends and strangers. Now your turn. I AM so happy and grateful now that/for: ___________________________________________________________ #laurelblossomyoga #omofficeyoga #omintheoffice #corporateyoga #corporatewellness #mindfulness #yoga #yogateaandchocolateworkshops #meditation #guidedmeditations #om #gratitude #gratituesday #gratitudeshmatitude #amymadams

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