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GratiTuesday – December 3rd

Hello Yoga-Friends ~ Hello GratiTuesday! Have you meditated yet today? Or ever? Meditation-Newbies often find guided meditation a welcome introduction to this form of mindfulness practice. Whether you are new to meditation, or have a long-standing meditation practice, consider exploring guided meditations. And yeah, there’s an app for that.

The Insight Timer app for smartphones is available as a free download for both iPhone and Android. You can also visit Insight Timer on the internet. In fact, to get directly to their webpage devoted to “Guided Meditation for Gratitude,” follow the link:

Consciously focusing on gratitude during meditation can lead to greater emotional well-being and physical health.”

As always, each Tuesday we invite one another to express one thing – in the comments field – for which you are grateful, and/or Share that sentiment as a post on your favorite social media site. It needn’t be lofty and can certainly reflect something we usually take for granted. I’ll go first… I AM so happy and grateful now for easy smartphone access to guided meditations anytime, anywhere. Now your turn. I AM so happy and grateful now that/for: ____________________________________ #laurelblossomyoga #omofficeyoga #corporateyoga #corporatewellness #yoga #privateyoga #reiki #meditation #om #gratitude #gratituesday #insighttimer #gratitudemeditation

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