Laurel came into our office and immediately brightened the room. She was able to make everyone, regardless of their level of yoga experience, feel comfortable. The session was fun and we all learned a lot. Looking forward to more yoga with laurel blossom yoga – Yoga @ Work.”
~ Adam S./ H.O. Zimman, Inc.

I recently attended Laurel’s Yoga, Tea & Chocolate Workshop. I had such a lovely time. Laurel was very welcoming and accommodating as I entered her studio, The YogaWeb. I felt at home right away. I loved the concept of Laurel’s workshop. Normally, when one attends a yoga class, they seldom talk to the students around them. In this workshop, we all got to know each other. We had a nice tea time and chatted while sharing chocolate bars. Laurel also teaches yoga at the office where I work. We anxiously await “Yoga Mondays” and we all get so excited when we see Laurel walking in the door. I love the way Laurel teaches yoga. Her classes are relaxing, fulfilling, fun, and leave me in a state of bliss for the remainder of the day.”
~ Charlotte H., Somerville, MA

As an exercise physiologist with over 20 years of experience, I have encountered many yoga teachers but none compare to Laurel. Her compassion and dedication to facilitating openness within the mind and body are like no other. For over two years, Laurel’s teachings at Healthworks Community Fitness have impacted many women’s lives. Her class is a perfect start for chronic disease prevention and management. Highly recommended as an integral part of a holistic fitness program.”
~ J. Saunders, General Manager/Fitness Director, Healthworks Community Fitness, Dorchester, MA

Group meditation is very powerful and Laurel has the experience and skills to help you become very still in a 30 minute session. The tranquil tone of her voice and the simple mantras she employs empower you to get the most out of even a 30 minute meditation. I have found that the relaxed state of mind I achieve from these sessions significantly improves my mental focus and creativity at work. I find myself feeling calmer in pressurized situations and mentally fresh, which improves my work efficiency and productivity.”
~ Simeon R., Winchester, MA

Laurel’s yoga classes are straight up Fun! Laurel brings detailed verbal cues, enjoyable flowing sequences and a sense of playfulness to her yoga. I highly recommend taking a private class with her. You will experience a great yoga session, learn a lot and have fun at the same time!”
~ Lisa S., Somerville, MA

Laurel’s yoga class is a breath of fresh air. As a student in one of her group classes I always feel encouraged and inspired by her teachings. She always makes those who attend her class feel comfortable and assures us that yoga is not a competition. My favorite aspect of the class is learning about the origin of the poses and Sanskrit yoga terms. :)”
~ Noelani A., Dorchester, MA

I received Reiki through Laurel on retreat in Costa Rica and the memory of that experience is still vivid. The positive energy exchanged between us has left a lasting impression.”
~ Inge H., Cambridge, MA

I was so impressed with Laurel’s ability to adapt her yoga instruction to fit the needs of our students. She was able to apply yoga principles to the needs and interests of high school students, such as teaching breathing techniques to prepare for a stressful test. She provided good structure and guidance, but also gave students the space and time they needed to get comfortable.”
~ Marissa D., Partners for Youth with Disabilities/Young Entrepreneurs Program

Laurel is a trusted and caring private yoga instructor, often explaining the benefits of the poses. She is in tune with her students and has a keen awareness of your state of being. Laurel’s spirit is ever-present; ambitious and compassionate at the same time.”
~ Adam S., Bedford, MA

Laurel is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her kind, fun and approachable demeanor is well received by people from a variety of backgrounds and conditioning levels. She is committed to the community and spreads her sense of positivity everywhere she goes.”
~ Lauren B., Director of Operations/Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston

Laurel is a skilled Reiki practitioner whose sessions leave me feeling calm and centered. I highly recommend her.”
~ Joan K., Cambridge, MA

My Reiki session with Laurel was sublime. Laurel is knowledgeable, intuitive and very skilled at what she does. I felt nurtured and relaxed. Highly recommended!”
~ Paul E., Santa Barbara, CA

I was lucky enough to receive a healing Reiki session from Laurel in the beautiful jungle and ocean setting of Costa Rica. Laurel’s generosity of spirit shown through as she became a powerful and clear conduit for the Reiki energy to work its magic on me. I felt at one and at peace with everything around me after her session. I am grateful for her offering. Laurel is a talented healer, and a bright light! I would seek her out when in need of calming, grounding, clarity and powerful feminine energy. Thank you for all you do, Laurel!”
~ Robin S., Arlington, MA

Laurel is a skilled and nurturing Reiki practitioner. I felt so relaxed and safe in her care and was left with a sense of deep peace and calm when we were finished. I would highly recommend her.”
~ Chandra C., Somerville, MA