My first exposure to yoga and meditation was in my early teens. My father’s wife was a yoga instructor. While yoga was ever present growing up, I was more interested in teaching aerobics and working as a personal fitness trainer as a young adult. My personal yoga and meditation practice didn’t become important to me until my thirties. Later, in my forties, yoga and meditation played such a significant role in improving my health and well-being that I shifted my career focus to teaching yoga and meditation full-time with the intention of supporting others to experience similar transformation in their lives.

Yoga – the asanas – can be experienced in a variety of ways. It is a physical discipline that can also be playful, a preparation for meditation, a vehicle for spiritual awakening, a community committed to holistic well-being, and a personal journey of self-awareness that unites all of these expressions, both on and off the mat.

Many years of exploring a personal meditation practice across several disciplines have illuminated a number of surprising and welcome revelations, not the least of which is: There is no way to fail at meditating. We win, as it were, each time we set our intention to observe our thoughts while refraining from attaching judgments to, or self-identifying with these thoughts.

The foundation of my personal practice and teaching style is strongly influenced by my dear friend Chandra Cantor (Western Massachusetts), with whom I have studied for years, and now humbly regard as a professional yoga mentor. Chandra’s heart-centered compassionate approach is beautifully reflected in the curriculum of the Yandara Yoga Institute where I completed formal yoga teacher training and initial Reiki certification.

My role as a yoga and meditation instructor is to provide a safe space for students to explore what yoga and meditation can bring into their life experience. I have been richly blessed to serve students of all ages, from widely diverse backgrounds, both here in the U.S. and abroad. I can honestly say that my work is also play, and the best part about it is that through play we get to work it all out.

with gratitude ~

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